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AFM Dealer Wins IQ Award
...for its role in developing a new line of kitchen cabinets that foster more healthful living conditions and that are manufactured through environmentally sustainable practices...
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Safecoat receives Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Air Advantage Gold
American Formulating and Manufacturing (AFM) has received The Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification for its Safecoat primers and paints, Safecoat Polyureseal BP, Acrylacq, Acriglaze, Mexeseal and Durostain...
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CNN’s “Open House” airs Natural home and Garden featuring Safecoat paint
Robin Griggs Lawrence, editor in chief of Natural Home & Garden magazine, appeared on CNN’s “Open House” to showcase some favorite Green Products, and spotlighted Safecoat Paint..
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Safecoat paint reviewed by Old House Magazine
Low VOC paint: Paint without the fresh-paint smell......
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Specifying Green Paint in the Range of Colors
We all know how difficult it is to decide on a color scheme for a small renovation project or a new house, but unfortunately, most of us don’t have a real grasp of the magnitude of the task. Nowadays..
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Safecoat Saves Tokyo School From Sick Building Claim
Soon after completion of construction at the Sapporo Asahigaoka High School in Japan, several students reported symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headaches...
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