Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) manufacturing cars in the US, was using plywood for the floor of the trunk - the part that covers the spare tire. They decided that formaldehyde emissions from the plywood were beyond acceptable standards. If the problem could not be solved, they would have to throw away $1 million worth of plywood. The company contacted Safe Buidling Solutions and asked if they could supply materials that could coat the plywood and create a barrier against the offgassing. One of the products needed to be black, because one side of the plywood would be covered with carpet, and the other side would be painted black. SBS supplied them with AFM Safecoat Safe Seal and Safecoat Exterior Satin - Black. They tested various combinations and achieved significant reductions in formaldehyde offgassing, BMW originally told us they needed to get over 90% reduction in formaldehyde offgassing to approve the system, and after analysis the auto manufacturer did approve it.

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AFM products used:
Safecoat Safe Seal
Safecoat Exterior Satin

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