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Providing a healthy alternative for your clients.

Since 2000, consumers have demanded healthier products, including paint. A mindset that continues to grow exponentially. Safecoat paint established itself in the late 1980s as the leading health oriented paint brand and continues to be a popular choice for health conscious individuals.

Safecoat paint has set the standard for personal health. We are the only doctor recommended paint for anyone with allergies or chemical sensitivities – that’s over 30% of the population. Add those consumers looking for the healthiest paint and you can see the demand is enormous.

Safecoat is not only 0 VOC but 0 HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants). Although VOC regulations ensure manufacturers make coatings that don’t contribute to the production of ozone or smog, many toxic chemicals are exempt. Many paint brands are indeed VOC compliant but contain those exempt ingredients. We consistently field calls from clients that have used another 0 VOC brand only to discover they are experiencing negative reactions. Why? Exempt chemicals.


Safecoat – Designed For Health
Is your clientele demanding safer products? Is your firm building for the future? If so, we can help.

With the evolution of healthier alternatives available, understanding the benefits of a multitude of manufacturers is time consuming and can be confusing. With over 35 field-tested coatings, we can smooth the specification path for you in a fashion other companies can’t.

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Safecoat – A Healthy Space For Your Customers
More and more clients are asking for healthy decorating alternatives. Now you have a perfect resource. AFM Safecoat offers a single source for the safest coatings on the market.

For more than thirty years we’ve been providing the healthiest products we could for people with a host of allergy and chemical intolerance challenges. The truth is thirty percent of our population has some sort of sensitivity issues.

This article by designer Molly Erin McCabe addresses some important design issues worth understanding. Watch video »

We have a variety of specification materials available online. We also provide in-the-field tools for the on-site connections you make every week.

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Safecoat – Your Competitive Advantage
There are very few businesses more competitive than paint contracting. Add Safecoat to your product line-up and you immediately have a special niche for a competitive edge.

Why? Consider this:

Safecoat is an established brand with a devoted clientele – clients that won’t accept substitutions.

Safecoat is the best “sealing” paint on the market. When customers with offgassing issues from other paint seek a remedy – use Safecoat to solve their problem and gain a new customer.

Also, your health is of vital concern to us. By using non-toxic products, you’ll preserve your health and your employees’ health too.

Safecoat prep and application works similar to other familiar water based brands. Proper prep, awareness of environmental conditions at the jobsite and proper application are fundamental to a successful job.

Become a Safecoat Contractor to receive these benefits:

  • Competent, friendly and timely technical support
  • Computer color matching to most major brands
  • Customized marketing materials
  • Dedicated referrals through your local AFM retailers
  • Sales incentive program

Product & Material Safety Data Sheets