Kind Words Are Always Appreciated

I am a local artist in San Diego. I use your Acriglaze to seal papermache and plaster sculpture. It works great! Thank you for creating such a perfect product for artists!

For a more creative world.  ... read more »


Thank you very much for all of your support and guidance in refinishing our floors. My wife and I love the results and enjoyed working as a team on the project. ... read more »


Thank you so much for going beyond good customer service and being so generous...I'm happy to report that these products (SafeChoice Cleaners) not only are good cleaning agents and they also are appropriate for use around those with allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma.  ... read more »

Property Manager

We just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with AFM Naturals Oil Wax Finish. We love it!

When I first found it on-line it sounded to good to be true - natural, non-toxic, easy to work with, short curing time! No way!  ... read more »


In the interest of furthering knowledge and use of green products I have enclosed photos of a wooden countertop that I finished using your products. Short answer. Very pleased with results of both durostain and polyureseal.  ... read more »


I have severe MCS and had not been able to live or work in a newly-built or renovated home or office since 1994. But, in 2016, when I finally had to paint the interior of my house, I used AFM Safecoat Flat paint.  ... read more »


Your Carpet Seal possibly saved our cat’s life. After numerous tests, our veterinarian wasn’t able to diagnose Boots Randolph’s deteriorating health. I told her that the only change in our home was new carpet and could the carpet odor be the cause. It was in the room where he often spent his time. She dismissed that as the cause.  ... read more »


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I love your Safe choice shampoo. It was a last resort for me as I am allergic to everything else and it has let me be able to wash my hair without reaction. It is so much appreciated.  ... read more »

from Canada