Ayurveda Essence

Reach beyond the ordinary to achieve elegant results, simply


Centuries ago, sages in India developed a sophisticated and powerful system of health based on the inextricable connection between mind and body — Aryurveda. Create balance in the mind, the body naturally absorbs that balance. The result is a vibrant, healthy sense of wellbeing.

We invite you to explore the AFM Ayurveda Essence system — a series of powerful color tools to help you control subtleties of your environment for optimum health and based on your personality. We’ve arranged 108 essential colors into three groups of 36. Each micro palette contains a range of energetically skewed colors — hot or cold, warm or cool, calming or stimulating, uplifting or grounding, moist or dry, etc.

Our micro palettes correspond to the three major constitutional types of East Indian medicine: vata, pitta, and kapha.

The Ayurveda Essence Palettes

Find your healing color combinations

Create a monochromatic color scheme by restricting your color choices for a given space to an assortment of tints, shades, and tones of a single hue. For more depth, use a trim color next to your dominant color on the color wheel.

There are two methods for two-color options. Work with colors that complement one another. For example, orange is directly across from blue, and violet is directly across from yellow. Or use a diad — two colors that are two colors apart on the color wheel.

Use a split complementary scheme to work with three colors. For example, if you wanted to paint your wall a gold color, split complimentary colors would be in the blue-green and red violet range. This is because they sit astride blue, which is the closest complement to yellow and gold. Using three colors that are spaced equally from each other is known as a triad.

To create a structured scheme with four colors, otherwise known as a tetrad, place a square or rectangle within a color wheel.

The ABCs of V-P-K

The best way to use the Ayurveda Essence system is from experience. Please note that a combination that at first seems radical or uncomfortable may become second nature in time. Our palettes are designed to be strengthening. They augment, because balancing hues are grouped together. Portions of the spectrum that would be considered aggravating for a particular constitution have been avoided in each palette.

All three palettes span the full gamut of chromatic values, so depth is variable. Also, each palette was designed with complex colors (rather than colors tending toward purer chromatic colors). This approach automatically harmonizes your color choices.