The Color Counsel

Let us help you select the perfect paint colors for your home.

Hey there, I’m Anne and we offer virtual color consultations.

I am a painter and an interior & exterior designer, with a passion for color.  I decided to launch The Color Counsel on a bigger scale when, after many years of helping people in my city, I was getting calls to help customers all around the world. Video conferencing has come a long way in helping me to get a sense of a space, the light and the color needs. When doing remote color consulting, it’s key to really listen to the homeowner, give great color options and then empower them to make the final decisions on site based on how the colors are looking in real life.

Introducing, our very own paint line.

As you know, I am committed to helping my customers create healthy homes and that is why it was easy to partner with Safecoat to launch my curated color collection. I trust their knowledge and over 30 years’ experience on what it means to improve indoor air quality. They listened to my needs as a designer and mixed my favorite colors – which I consider to be essential colors that will never disappoint!

What’s exciting about these colors, is that not only have they been the tried and true selections over my 20 years doing color work, they are also a mix & match paint color collection. What is a mix & match paint color collection? It means you can pick any grouping out of this group of colors and they will work well together for modern, traditional, eclectic and transitional homes – both interior and exterior.


Promo Code VIP25

As a celebration of this partnership, feel free to use the promo code VIP25 to receive $25 off a paint color consultation!

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