The AFM Advantage℠

Heathy Home. Healthy You.

What’s In A Name?

As makers of Safecoat®, SafeChoice® and AFM Naturals® building products, our mission is to provide products formulated to eliminate toxic emissions and prevent bad indoor air quality to create healthy homes, schools and offices – and ultimately protect the environment.

Originally formulated for physicians to meet the needs of chemically sensitive patients, our products are helpful in solving the problems associated with sick building syndrome. And so we proudly named them “Safe” and “Natural” to reflect our first concern being health and safety.

Additionally, Safecoat primers, paints and clear coatings can control surface emissions before they effect your health or the health of your family. See our report on this important subject »

Whether you need to prime it, paint it, seal it, stain it or fill it, AFM has a complete line of over 45 planet-friendly building products designed to create a healthier world. Here are the basics.

Low VOC Products Are Not All Alike

It’s understandable that the claims of low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or no VOCs can become confusing. VOCs are only one component of a coating – every ingredient must be evaluated for its effect on your health.

AFM cares deeply about the planet – indoor and outdoor air pollution – so our products do not contain chemicals that are hazardous, and that extends past VOCs. Each component in our formulations comes from quality, highly refined raw materials to create the “cleanest” products (in terms of chemical toxicity) available.

With increasing demand for safer building products, the niche we started by working with environmental medicine physicians, AFM delivers both beautifully and responsibly.

A Breath of Fresh Paint

Everyone agrees a new coat adds life to any project. But is it worth the odor? One whiff of paint, primer, varnish, stain or other like-products can bring on a range of conditions from mild nasal irritation, headaches and nausea to serious respiratory issues. Personal sensitivities vary and many simply do their best to ignore the odor.

AFM products are continually reformulated to virtually eliminate physical afflictions caused by conventional coatings. Many of our most loyal customers suffer with severe allergies, chemical sensitivities, respiratory issues and other complications that make using conventional products intolerable. To see how our customers have responded, visit our testimonials page.


Factoring Olfactories
Odor-free? No Odor? Odorless?

In fact, there is no way to guarantee that no one will detect any odor in our products. Yet.

For now, based on comparisons to odors found in conventional paints with harsh chemicals (formaldehyde, toluene, etc.) we formulate our products for individuals with the most common odor sensitivities. We will happily provide a small sample for any customer and answer any questions you may have.

For The Not Chemically Sensitive

Our products were originally developed to help those with certain needs. But what if you have no allergies or sensitivities – you just want to live in a healthy environment? We have you covered too.

You’ll find AFM products to be of high quality and simple to use. Our paints and stains apply with ease, our building products meet all expectations, and our cleaning products will leave you spotless. It’s a healthier world we’re creating and we hope you’ll choose to join us.


Healthy Home. Healthy You.