Get Inspired by Nature with DesignWELL Colors by Michelle Ifversen

Get Inspired by Nature with DesignWELL Colors by Michelle Ifversen

From quiet beaches to tranquil forests and open skies, there is nothing quite so relaxing as finding peace in your favorite outdoor space. That is why bringing the natural serenity of the outdoor world into our homes through interior design is a classic trend that is yet to go out of style.

AFM Safecoat is thrilled to partner with Michelle Ifversen, environmental wellness director for DesginWELL Studios in Portland, Oregon on a new, exclusive nontoxic paint color line infused with Biophilic Design.

According to Michelle, biophilia is the love of nature and humans' innate connection to it. Most people are disconnected and deprived of nature, which is why her DesignWELL color line infuses elements of nature that are sure to evoke a sense of wellbeing. 

“Nature is a gift. Being in nature is extremely healing and inspiring. I get a lot of my creative ideas when I hike on beautiful trails whether they are on the coast, in the gorge or in the mountains,” she says.

The benefits of Biophilic Design include:

  • Creating a more relaxed, calming and restorative home
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Encourages positive emotions and mood
  • Increased productivity, creativity and concentration
  • Improved recuperation and lower blood pressure

Take a look at these gorgeous color palettes!

DesignWELL Colors - ForestDesignWELL Colors - Sky
DesignWELL Colors - Beachdesignwell+colors_water

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