Surprisingly High-Value Remodeling Projects for Your Home

Get Inspired by Nature with DesignWELL Colors by Michelle Ifversen

Spring Clean Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

We all love the sense of accomplishment that goes along with giving your home a good spring cleaning, but there is one area many people often overlook – their indoor air! Here are a few ways to control the air pollution in your home...

How to Find (and Keep) the Right Contractor

The journey of finding the perfect contractor for your project can be challenging, especially when you want one who is willing to work with products that they are unfamiliar with...

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Getting Your Backyard Ready for Spring

Spring is on its way, and while we’re all ready to get back outside, your backyard may need some help before hosting gatherings with friends and family.

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The Top Nontoxic Paint Colors for 2022

A new year means popular new colors! And while the “Color of the Year” will be different depending on where you look – from major design studios to the big paint brands – most of 2022’s top colors are subtle, soothing and inspired by the world’s increased time spent at home.

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Weatherproofing Your Home for Winter

Winter has arrived, but is your home ready for the inclement weather to come? Whether you live in an area that receives a lot of rain and show, or simply want to save on heating costs by ensuring everything is properly sealed.

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Tips for Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

Hosting the holidays this year? Ensure your home is company-ready with the help of AFM Safecoat!

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How to Keep Your Family Safe During a Home Renovation

Home renovations are so painful, stressful, refreshing and wonderful! Whether you’re re-doing the entire house, or just updating a room or two, the renovation process can upend marriages, create clutter and lead to accidents without proper planning. Ease your mind: by working responsibly and putting safety procedures in place, you can keep risk, frustration and mess to a minimum.

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5 Things to Know about “Zero VOC” Paints

Every big paint company has a "Zero VOC" paint they tout as "environmental," and they are essentially all the same. Unfortunately, our team at AFM Safecoat gets frequent calls and letters from people who have used versions made by the big paint companies, believing that they were safe, but later find that something in the paint is making them sick.

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Things Just Got Safer Outdoors

Give Your Cabinets a Healthy Facelift

Woodworkers Journal Features Safecoat

Green Home In WI Uses Safecoat Products

Gorgeous home constructed in Wisconsin using Safecoat products throughout. Thanks to the pros at GDC/Building For Health for their expertise and making this happen!

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Reclaimed Wood

Who doesn’t like the look of reclaimed wood? For decorative walls, furniture, even just wood picture frames. Old wood has character.

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