5 Things to Know about “Zero VOC” Paints

Every big paint company has a "Zero VOC" paint they tout as "environmental," and they are essentially all the same. Unfortunately, our team at AFM Safecoat gets frequent calls and letters from people who have used versions made by the big paint companies, believing that they were safe, but later find that something in the paint is making them sick.

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Things Just Got Safer Outdoors

Give Your Cabinets a Healthy Facelift

Woodworkers Journal Features Safecoat

New Green Home In Wisconsin Uses Safecoat Products

Gorgeous home constructed in Wisconsin using Safecoat products throughout. Thanks to the pros at GDC/Building For Health for their expertise and making this happen!

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Reclaimed Wood

Who doesn’t like the look of reclaimed wood? For decorative walls, furniture, even just wood picture frames. Old wood has character.

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AFM Recognized by Advocacy Group

Healthy Child, Healthy World’s Blue Butterfly Campaign Sponsors

AFM Safecoat® Paint for Best Non-Toxic Product for a Safe Home

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AFM Safecoat Paints and Finishes – Healthier Alternatives

Today’s building products, which include the paints, stains and finishes we use for woodworking and DIY, are a chemical soup, according to Andrew Pace, founder of The Green Design Center/Building for Health. And some of the ingredients in those “soup” recipes, ironically, are actually safer for the environment than they are for people.

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