Weatherproofing Your Home for Winter

Weatherproofing Your Home for Winter

Winter has arrived, but is your home ready for the inclement weather to come? Whether you live in an area that receives a lot of rain and show, or simply want to save on heating costs by ensuring everything is properly sealed, AFM Safecoat offers a full line of nontoxic building products to weatherproof your home – starting from the ground up! Learn more about all of our ecofriendly products below.


Safecoat® DynoSeal is perfect for creating a vapor barrier against moisture on below-grade foundations. This low-odor, all-weather coating and sealer remains flexible for years, and is highly resistant to flame spread and temperature change. It can also be used on seamless roofs and as a deck coating or an underlayment for shower stalls, pools, tubs and saunas.


Make sure your windows are properly sealed – both inside and out – with Safecoat® Caulking Compound. This nontoxic and flexible caulking compound provides a water-proof, easy-to-install sealant with excellent initial and permanent adhesion. It was designed to replace oil caulk and putty for windows, tub and shower enclosures and general maintenance, and will not dry out or crack! It also will not release any solvents or harsh odors, making it ideal for those with chemical sensitivities.

Air Ducts

Ideal for new or old heating and air conditioning ducts, Safecoat® DynoFlex Textured Natural is a water-based, low-odor, paste-like compound that can be used to seal seams, joints and cracks, or for repairing metal roofs and asphalt shingles – making all highly resistant to harsh weather and temperature changes. It is also available in a sprayable form that can be used over Safecoat® DynoSeal as a topcoat for roofs and decks.


To protect your roof from the elements, try Safecoat® RoofGuard! This water-based, nontoxic coating is ideal for properly primed roofs made of synthetic plastic rubber, metal, concrete or clay tile. Both mildew and water resistant, it has excellent bridging quality and can be used to patch, seal and bridge hairline cracks.

Stay dry and warm all winter long with AFM Safecoat! To find an environmentally friendly building supply vendor near you, check out our Vendor Locator here.