Getting Your Backyard Ready for Spring

Getting Your Backyard Ready for Spring

Spring is on its way, and while we’re all ready to get back outside, your backyard may need some help before hosting gatherings with friends and family. Depending on where you live, spring also brings rain that can damage outdoor surfaces and furnishings. Thankfully, AFM Safecoat offers a full line of nontoxic building products to restore and protect your backyard furniture, deck, patio and more. Learn which of our ecofriendly products can help get your outdoor living space warm weather ready!

Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture
After a long, cold winter, your outdoor furniture may need some touching up. Safecoat® All Purpose Exterior Satin is a durable curing paint for exterior surfaces. This weather resistant finish and film foundation protects outdoor furniture from blistering and fading. This product also offers extremely low VOC for sustainability and pollution reduction and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Protect Your Deck
Want to make your deck look brand new? Safecoat® AFM Naturals Clear Penetrating Oil is an organic, plant-based penetrating oil that rejuvenates and protects most wood surfaces like decks, timberwork, furniture, fences, paneling and trim. This ecofriendly product reduces peeling, blistering and cracking of your deck, especially after heavy spring showers.

Add Color to Your Patio
Safecoat® Concrete Floor Paint is a nontoxic, waterborne coating available in a variety of colors to make your concrete patio pop! This product has a hard, tough coating that is fumeless and odorless, making it safe for the chemically sensitive. It can also be used on walkways, breezeways and concrete decks. 

Seal Your Brick & Tile
Spring showers are no match for Safecoat® Water Shield. Protect porous concrete, stucco, brick, block, terrazzo and unglazed tile where oil and water are unwanted. This clear, versatile, water-repelling sealer offers an invisible barrier against many liquids. Fast drying and easy to apply with excellent adhesion, it can also be used on painted surfaces and painted over when dry.

We’re all looking forward to getting back outdoors! With AFM Safecoat, you can be sure your backyard is ready for spring with our collection of chemically safe, ecofriendly building products.