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How to use the Ayurveda Micropalette.

man and child paintingBecause Ayurveda Essence micro palettes are self-harmonizing, colors are designed to work well together. Combine colors from within the palettes however you like. You’ll effortlessly create stunning combinations. This succinct, sophisticated system of colors is comprised of the lightest pastels and the most mysterious and deepest earthy tones. Our goal is to make the creation of harmonious relationships within each palette automatic.

If you have only previously used your intuition in choosing colors and are unfamiliar with basic color terminology and strategy, here are some key fundamentals.

the word used to describe a basic color range. For example, light blue, mid-tone blue, and dark blue are all hues of blue.

colors can be very close to primary shades, or they can be mixed with white, black, and other colors. When they lack a mixture of these other colors, they are highly chromatic, saturated, and primary. This makes them very stimulating. It is difficult to combine different hues of highly chromatic colors because this makes for a loud scheme susceptible to clashing.

this describes the amount of white and black used to create a color that is moving away from a pure chromatic hue.

as a color moves toward a pastel shade, it will include more white

as a color becomes darker, it will include more black; sometimes referred to as nuance

a color that has gray added to it (white + black) becomes muted chromatically. Darker shades are denser and less reflective.

Ayurveda Essence system combines color theory with holistic understanding, and brings playfulness to the typically complex effort of color selection.

The purpose of AFMs Ayurveda Essence system is to create an enhanced experience of health by deploying color sets that interact harmoniously with individuals and families.

The best way to use the Ayurveda Essence system is to learn by doing and experiencing. Please bear in mind that a scheme that seems radical or even uncomfortable immediately after completion can easily seem second nature after you’ve lived with it for a month. We constructed our palettes to be strengthening They augment, because balancing hues are grouped together. Those portions of the spectrum that would be the most aggravating for a particular constitution have been avoided in each palette.

Vata individuals are light and dry by nature with a general tendency to a thin frame and low body mass. Skin and body functions can benefit from vigilant hydration. Balancing techniques can reduce anxiety. Deeper, darker colors suggestive of moisture can create balance.

Pitta individuals may develop occasional inflammatory conditions. They have a general tendency to a moderate, athletic frame with a muscular body mass, and a sharp, energetic personality. Cooling therapy may lower a tendency toward irritability. Balance may be derived by colors that cool, moderate, and soothe.

Kapha individuals have a general tendency to a large frame. Emotional nature tends toward calmness and steadfastness. Stimulating therapy can avert tendencies toward inertia and lethargy. Balance can be derived by using mobilizing colors such as bold, stimulating, and bright accents. Midtones and pastels may create the best color schemes.