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Pitta individuals may develop occasional inflammatory conditions. They have a general tendency to a moderate, athletic frame with a muscular body mass, and a sharp, energetic personality. Cooling therapy may lower a tendency toward irritability. Balance may be derived by colors that cool, moderate, and soothe.

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P72 Truth

P71 Whole

P70 Air

P69 Open

P68 Nimbus

P67 Pileus

P66 Dew

P65 Calm

P64 Still

P63 Attune

P62 Spring

P61 Summer

P60 Day

P59 Clarity

P58 Poetry

P57 Ajala

P56 Rain

P55 Restore

P54 Breath

P53 Balance

P52 Metaphor

P51 Satya

P50 Niyama

P49 Sky

P48 Nurture

P47 Comfort

P46 Ahmisha

P45 Valley

P44 Vitality

P43 Prana

P42 Peace

P41 Meditation

P40 Salamba

P38 Vado

P38 Evening

P37 Tree

Vata individuals are light and dry by nature with a general tendency to a thin frame and low body mass. Skin and body functions can benefit from vigilant hydration. Balancing techniques can reduce anxiety. Deeper, darker colors suggestive of moisture can create balance.

Kapha individuals have a general tendency to a large frame. Emotional nature tends toward calmness and steadfastness. Stimulating therapy can avert tendencies toward inertia and lethargy. Balance can be derived by using mobilizing colors such as bold, stimulating, and bright accents. Midtones and pastels may create the best color schemes.