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Ectomorph/Vata/Air and Space (Ether)

Vata individuals are light and dry by nature with a general tendency to a thin frame and low body mass. Skin and body functions can benefit from vigilant hydration. Balancing techniques can reduce anxiety. Deeper, darker colors suggestive of moisture can create balance.

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V36 Autumn

V35 Wash

V34 Kanpur

V33 Namaste

V32 Sand

V31 Grass

V30 Nature

V29 Cloud

V28 Sun

V27 Horizon

V26 Time

V25 Wave

V24 Chakra

V23 Forward

V22 Samsara

V21 Prasada

V20 Create

V19 Moon

V18 Darshana

V17 Fertility

V16 Spice

V15 Rising Sun

V14 Sea

V13 Luxury

V12 Surya Namaska

V11 Garden

V10 Stream

V09 Earth

V08 Strength

V07 Wind

V06 Narada

V05 Setting Sun

V04 Flow

V03 Leaf

V02 Landscape

V01 Embrace

Pitta individuals may develop occasional inflammatory conditions. They have a general tendency to a moderate, athletic frame with a muscular body mass, and a sharp, energetic personality. Cooling therapy may lower a tendency toward irritability. Balance may be derived by colors that cool, moderate, and soothe.

Kapha individuals have a general tendency to a large frame. Emotional nature tends toward calmness and steadfastness. Stimulating therapy can avert tendencies toward inertia and lethargy. Balance can be derived by using mobilizing colors such as bold, stimulating, and bright accents. Midtones and pastels may create the best color schemes.