In the interest of furthering knowledge and use of green products I have enclosed photos of a wooden countertop that I finished using your products. Short answer. Very pleased with results of both durostain and polyureseal.

Long description

I test stained on the back of the countertop using both your samples and some other more common ones. My goal was to get a dark walnut tone. I ended up using durostain walnut straight from the can.
Liked the color and had no big problem with consistency. It does setup/dry real fast. I had tried wetting the wood and the results were a little sketchy so I used it straight. I found that just wiping on and off almost immediately worked best..maybe with practice could get thining wetting thing down. But it worked.

I applied the polyureseal with a purdy nylon brush meant for clear coats but think any good nylon smooth finish brush would work. I got a great result.

It went on well, leveled fine, actually better than I expected. 3 coats, light sanding between. Excellent result. I would put the appearance of it against any gloss oil or water that is out there. It is cleaning up great but I can't comment on durability as it's new but all indications are excellent.

So overall I was impressed with both products. The stain...stained...and the clear coat smoothly and with consistent sheen...coated. The fact that I could work and stay around the product with no concern for fumes was huge. I seem to have become the green tester for friends and contacts within the trades. I am confident that these products would meet their expectations and probably future specs.

A satisfied customer